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What is Secret Cinema?

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Ever wanted to step into the iconic world from your favourite film? Well, Secret Cinema makes this possible…


Our ultimate immersive experience begins when you step into our top-secret location which we have transformed into a world from the big (or small) screen. From there you’ll explore intricate locations, brush shoulders and interact with legendary characters and decide where the story will take you.


Whether you went back to the future in a DeLorean or travelled back to 1980s, Hawkins to investigate the paranormal occurrences, no two worlds are alike. Even within each world, no two experiences are alike with new characters to meet and plenty of secrets to uncover…


Once you buy your ticket you will take on a new identity, be briefed on your upcoming adventure and be given some suggestions on how to look the part. Dressing up is not compulsory but a great way to immerse yourself in the world you find yourself in!


Get ready to lose yourself in the story.

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